His Secret Obsession Review – How To Trigger A Man’s Hero?


His Secret Obsession Review This guidebook was created to help women understand what a man needs in a relationship.

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His Secret Obsession Review

According to relationship and dating expert James Bauer, there’s something that virtually every man is secretly addicted to, it is not only lust, more than romance, more than sex; it is something that men crave for more that love. Knowing this one secret addiction holds the key not only to winning your man’s love, but his total devotion, all encompassing love for Life. So how do you win his heart once and for all? Follow along with our recommendation:

His Secret Obsession – The hero instinct is most commonly referred to as our “motherly” instincts. It’s instinctual – it’s almost there all the time. You know when mom is home, when she’s taking care of you, if you feel safe and secure. It’s your connection to your parents, a kind of connection that links you to your childhood memory bank.

What Is His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession begins in a place that’s quite far from your childhood memory bank: the bedroom. He draws comfort and security from the feeling of safety and security in your bedroom. In many ways his “secret obsession” mirrors your own need for safety and security in your relationships. He uses your own love phrases to trigger this trigger. These love phrases are the basis of his addiction to you.

The trick is to bring these triggers out into the open, on paper. You can do this by saying positive affirmations. “I feel better about myself and I love my partner/life. We’re a great couple!” Triggering this hero instinct is so easy because your words have tremendous power.You can even use this hero instinct to trigger your own little love phrases.

How Does His Secret Obsession Work?

I’m talking about love phrases that make you say “I love you” in a way that makes you sound as though you’re really in love with him. This might sound complicated but it’s not. I use these love phrases all the time when I’m dating someone or even talking to my husband about my husband.What I like about trigger phrases is that they sound wonderful out loud.You can even go out and say them to your husband to make him feel better. Trigger phrases that are kind and flattering and endearing can really seal the deal and overcome any obstacle that your relationship might be experiencing.

This is why a relationship coach can really help you with your secret obsession. Relationship coaches have expert techniques that will allow you to easily overcome any challenge your relationship might be experiencing.One technique that I use often is to take one short, positive, and sincere statement and turn it into a 12-word text. For instance, instead of saying “I love you” I would simply text “I love you” and then my husband would respond by saying something like “So do you.”

Features Of His Secret Obsession

There are many sections to the book. Each section covers a specific area of male psychology. This segment focuses on the secrets that drive men crazy and obsessed with their wives. Here are two key sections of His Secret Obsession, his novel.

The Hero Instinct Foundation –The author of “His Secret Obsession”, James, explains the magic of evolutionary psychology that enables a man to be fascinated by users. James explained how the hero instinct is deeply linked to men, and how women can harness it to keep them captivated. Women who want to better understand men should read this section. Consumers are able to recognize that mysteries such as His Secret Obsession will be solved later because of their hero instinct.

Practical strategies – The functional section of the system provides strategies that can be used to quickly cause their man’s heroes to fall in love with them, and to build a lasting friendship. These strategies are the key to the ‘His Obsession eBook’. These strategies are proven to work in all phases of partnership.

These Books Include The Steps For The Various Methods

The Stage Of Attraction – The author of “His Secret Addiction” has an extensive list of techniques that women can use in order to impress men, even if they are not planning to meet for the first time.

The Date Is Ending – This is when someone tries to end a relationship. James shared some observations about why these circumstances arise in the early days.

The Stage Of Revival – Male relationships often lose their appeal. Women can see that his hidden attraction allows them to recognize when male desires diminish. Women will also learn specific techniques to attract men’s attention.

The Return Story – Their passion for their lives is mostly gone. The consumer can concentrate a lot on this section if they are one of them. The eBook ‘his Secret Addiction” provides strategies for consumers to make it appear like they are in the early stages of their relationship.


  • This is the only dating book that you will ever need. You will find everything you need for a successful relationship in this book, which has over 200 pages and lots of bonus material. I gained a lot of insight into how women approach relationships and dating, and even some surprising things about myself.
  • Practicality is the key to everything. James Bauer discusses the ways women can trigger a man’s hero instinct throughout his book. Learn the exact words, phrases, and requests that you can use. James Bauer has been working with many clients over the past twelve years and has seen his methods in action with real couples.
  • Methods are research-based. The latest psychology research backs up his claims. He gave examples of why a man feels like a protector and how a woman “claiming to” him is a turn-on for a guy. This was supported by evidence. Even though there were times when I was skeptical, the logic behind it was always convincing.
  • It’s easy to download. You don’t need to wait for it to arrive by mail because His Secret Obsession comes as an eBook. It is available immediately for you to start reading.
  • Guaranteed money back There’s no guarantee that everyone will fall in love with every dating guide, but there is no need to worry. You don’t have to risk anything with a 60-day guarantee.


  • Different people might have different methods or time requirements.
  • Sometimes it can get a little too deep.
  • There could be a lot of information to learn.
  • Some people will find the price prohibitive


I use this tactic so often that I’ve been asked by people if I could teach it to them.I really don’t think I could ever teach someone one single word, so I just text back “You.” The people that ask me this question aren’t interested in learning one single word from me, they want to know what my secret hero instinct is that allows me to overcome any challenge my relationship might be experiencing.

Trigger phrases are the perfect answer for any question or concern that you may have. If you’re having problems overcoming your secret obsession, don’t hesitate to text your man a trigger phrase that will help him overcome his problem. If you want to learn more about how you can also overcome any challenge your relationship might be experiencing, please visit our site below.


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